Friday, March 10, 2006


I candidati:

Max Cavalera:
"I find passages of the Psalms as well as many other parts of the Bible to be really apocalyptic and exciting... I think it's a very punk thing to not do clichés and what is expected. So, to dedicate the SOULFLY albums to God — in my eyes that's a punk thing to do 'coz nobody else is doing it. It's really easy to be all like, 'Oooh I'm evil' with an inverted cross and all — anybody can say that".

Another new SEPULTURA song, entitled "Ostia", has been posted online at The track comes off the group's new album, "Dante XXI" (view cover here).
SEPULTURA's follow-up to "Roorback" is based on the epic poetic masterpiece "The Divine Comedy" written by Italian author Dante Alighieri in the early 14th Century. The three main components of "The Divine Comedy" are Dante's descriptions of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

Il negrochecantaadessoneisepultura: "We brought in orchestra strings and horns and really wanted to create the soundtrack vibe, the vibe of the book ... the sinister feeling and I think we pushed ourselves in every aspect. We had no idea what people were gonna think. We were here in Sao Paulo, working away in the studio with this crazy idea. I think that's the best part, not thinking so much about the outside. We could have told people ahead of time they're just like, 'What? That's nuts!' I think the fact that we're able to trust ourselves and have that confidence really shows that we've evolved."

Solomacello, in vero spirito hardtruemetalheavyemoblackcore, dedica questo post al fritto e allo stinco di maiale al forno con patate arrosto meglio se c'è anche un po' di sughetto che a noi ci piace tanto.


Gorthol said...

I più appezzi secondo me siete voi

Alex said... pure dio e' punk.
Dove andremo mai a finire...
"Ma che me volete di' che a merda e' bbona ?" E qui cito.

Anonymous said...

il piu appezzi è Snoop Dogg

Anonymous said...

la word verification che dice 'imeneghh' è bella.

Outsider said...

Snoop dogg può fare quel cazzo che vuole, che è un pettinato.
Anche se è negro e non è metal.

Comunque secondo me il più appezzi è EMILIO FEDE, frontman dei LECCATA ANALE.